Me (greyweirdo) wrote,

Life hints

Want to screw with people? Here's a great way. Have t-shirts made with the names of fake bands on them and then roll your eyes when people ask who Monks & Madness are and what kind of music they play. For added fun, grumble something about them being "only the best post-punk, neo-skiffle band in existence" and to further muddy the waters explain you first heard them when they opened for Rat Scallion last year. Never EVER explain who Rat Scallion are, just look like the person you're talking to is an idiot for not knowing them and walk away in disgust. And remember kids, the more remote the starting location for your bands are, the more points you'll score. After about a week of this people will be petrified to talk about music with you at all, and will believe that you're only listening to Katy Perry because you want something to clear your pallet between the "real" music you're listening to.

Also, people keep calling me cynical for some reason that I don't fully understand.
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