July 31st, 2009


You know why America sucks?

We don't really have any proper dolmens in America, and thus you almost never find a korrigan hanging around here.

I shall have to content myself with the company of the morgen in our pond I suppose. Wish we had a nyx or a selkie, since they just use their tits instead of buildings and gardens. They also don't flood the place out, but Breton blood will call, won't it?
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Had an idea...

Let me run an idea by you artsy types.

I had an idea the other day. I sort of want to put some quikrete in a bucket, and then put a sword in the quikrete and then break the bucket away when it dries and use it at a lawn ornament. We'd probably be talking about a child's sand bucket sort of thing, turned upside down so we'd have a cone and then the sword inserted through a slit that I'd cut into the bottom of the bucket. There would likely be some more work on the idea after, but that's my basic idea.

For the sword, well, real leather and wood is more or less out. I want this for an outside decoration after all and I know what the elements could do. We'd be talking a very cheap, non-sharp, non-valuable, almost non-sword for the main part of my idea. Something like this, or this or even this thing. My main idea is that it should be cheap, that it shouldn't be too susceptible to the elements (any more so than necessary anyway) and that people who bump into it shouldn't get cut. I really want a blunt sword like object that won’t hurt anyone. I suppose for added security I should drill a hole trough the blade and put a bolt or something through it, just to make sure. Any other thoughts or ideas? Maybe I should buy a little half sized sword like this or this and make an experiment first?

Just an idea I've got in my head at the moment.
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