June 26th, 2009

Keep Calm

5 Things that aren't really connected.

5 Things that aren't really connected. 1. I have all my computer things now. Hard drive, bag, computer, thumb drive*, and DVD drive are all here. Everything works okay. The mouse that came with my bag is the smallest and cutest one I've ever seen. Everything is red, it's little, it's adorable. I’ve still got to look up a few things, set up a few things, but really we’re good.
*It was included, I didn't actually want it. The included movie took up half the drive and it wasn't even widescreen. My computer has a 16x9 screen!

2. Mark Sanford thinks he’s King David now. The insanity just never ends.

3. I am less affected by current celebrity deaths than I was by the death of my grandmother last year. I was barely affected by the death of my grandmother because I'd made my peace with it long before it happened.

4. I think if you're a Michael Jackson fan you should walk away from the news and not look back for the next week. There's going to be speculation about his death, with tabloid types deciding to say it was drugs whether it was or not, and then we'll have the fight over his estate. It's going to be ugly, really ugly. I'm already avoiding any news stories about it because I don't want to see that.

5. I got Josie Long's DVD Trying is Good, which is a really good bit of stand up. I've come to the conclusion that the reason I like comedians like Josie and Eddie Izzard isn't just that they're quirky and eccentric. Being quirky and eccentric helps of course, but there is more to it than that. I like them because they actually LIKE things. If you can, get some of their stuff (Ask me nice and I'll get you some audio) and you'll find that instead of being angry about things or hating things, it's all about the stuff they love. I like the idea of someone being FOR something. It also occurs to me that being positive on things and still being funny means you have to work harder to get to the joke. Also, Josie is cute as hell. The DVD is region 0 so anyone can play it anywhere in the world, there is a second program and a commentary on the disc and it's only £9, which comes to about $20US.