January 17th, 2009


Now to get some answers!

New poll, new questions

Okay, to start with Richard the Third was killed at the Battle of Bosworth. Agincourt is where Hank 5 (a considerable upgrade from Hank 4.3) pwned the French n00bs and Hastings is where Billy the Bastard stole the throne of England from Harry the... second. You must now all write out "I will not fuck up where English kings got murdered by that total shitbird Henry Tudor." 100 times. Unless you got the question right. In which case, well done you.

ANYWAY! On with the questions.

If you could switch places with anyone for one day, who would you choose?
I would be Nicholas Parsons. Cause you know, Nicholas Parsons!

Do you like pirates? And getting postcards?
I love postcards and pirates!

Can I have a hug?
Of course you can! Come on over and I'll hug you.

What did you hear through the grapevine lately?
Not much, strangely fiberous tendrils don't trasnmit sound very well. Fucking grapes.

If you were going to tour the world, what would be your route and what would you make sure you saw?
I would start in Peru, work my way up South America making my way towards Mexico, then the US. The I would go through Canada, then across Europe, into Asia down into Australia and finish up in Africa. I skip Antartica because there are no gift shops.

Why does my motel's cable TV get everything but ABC?
Motel TVs suck

Orgasms: screaming, silent or something else?
On Tuesdays, I feel wacky

Possibly, maybe, could be.

What color should I dye my hair after I leave my job?
Black with bright metallic blue and pink stripes.

Ever have choc chip pancakes? Waffles aren't everything. they are great, but choc chip pancakes?
I have have those, they are good.

Are you impressed that I knew Bosworth before looking it up?
Considering most people didn't get it at all, I guess I am. I mean, our own girlfriend got it wrong! What the fuck?

I'm not on AIM much without my computer...so when are you going to get on when I'm around so we can chat? Oh and does my skipping a question mess up you numbers?
Skipping questions does not mess things up, and I'll be on when I'm on.
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Holly and I came home last night, because there were appointments at 8 am and what not.

Called Syd, her father and brother stayed with her grandfather all night and it was bad. He fought the sedatives, and that caused more problems. Ranting, raving, trying to pull his tubes and get out of bed. Fortunately they do grow Ashcrafts on the big side as in tall slab of beef so Stan and Jonathan could keep him from doing himself harm. Jonathan also worked as an EMT for a retirement home so he does know what he's doing there.

Half way through getting appointments and such it started to snow. Holly and I got home in time to watch the drifts forming in the driveway.

Called Syd when I got home. They finally got him to sleep around 1 or 2 pm today, and now they've got to play the waiting game. Her father and brother haven't slept at all though, so someone is going to have to strong arm them into beds pretty soon. Syd is thinking she won't be coming home tonight and she'll only ask us to come back to Midland if something develops.

That’s about all I know right now.