January 9th, 2009



Sometimes I find an image so creepy/hilarious I save it and keep it thinking "I must make this into an LJ icon" and then it'll sit there for months and months.

Take this new Icon for example. Isn't it cute? I actually found this picture before my last hard drive crash and it was one of the things that got saved. And only now do I decide that I really must turn it into an icon. I probably won't use it much, but I just find it so amusing that it had to be done.


While I'm not going to abandon LJ until it abandons me, I might set up a true shadow blog at Wordpress using this handy-dandy guide... LiveJournal Migration Made Easy, just incase.

I dunno, I've got a blog over there and a lot of the content overlaps. It just doesn't overlap fully and I wonder if saving everything there might not be a good idea. Anyway I was jsut trying to share the link.
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