June 10th, 2008

La la la

If yolu elect me, it'll be like William Henry Harrison all over again!

Sooo McCain says that electing Obama would be like giving Jimmy Carter a second term. This is, of course, on the heels of him claiming that Obama was like William Jennings Bryan... who I have to admit I'd never actually heard of before. Here is his Wikipedia article if you want to know who the hell McCain is talking about. I think Carter is too far back for a lot of people. I suppose if he's aiming at the over 50 demographic, but I can't see people much younger than that clicking with the comparison.

I liked what one person said in the comments...
A 2nd Carter term....you mean an energy plan that aggressively pursues solar and wind technology, and the executive branch aggressively promoting education, humanitarianism, and social aide to our nation's most needy? Boy, that sounds sucky... Remember "community centers"?

I actually do get what McCain is trying to say, but it seems like a bad time to bring him up. I mean when I think of Carter I think of him building houses and winning the Peace Prize and turning out to be right about oil dependence and things like that. I think he's in danger of confusing people more than anything. I've yet to be convinced by anything McCain has said, and I've watched him go from maverick to just another guy walking in step over the last eight years. I'm not actually convinced by Obama yet, so if McCain could do or say something that wasn't 100% the same old shit I might be inclined to listen. I know Obama is, for all the talk, probably at least 75% the same old shit, but he's got 25% new content plus a more attractive sales technique and at this point I'll take what I can get.

Seriously though, is McCain... okay? I mean I was watching a video of his speech after Obama got the nod and he looked like he'd had about 6 kinds of shit slapped out of him.

As many of you know, I tend to scout around looking for statements from people on important issues before I go to press, so I looked up Old Jimmy, and decided to see if he had anything to say... and did he ever.

*probably not really written by Jimmy Carter

Fancy's Note: Yes, Bill Harrison is the one that died after 30 days in office. If he puts on a few more pounds, maybe he can claim to be Taft or some one even more obscure next.
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