January 25th, 2008


sparkfrost said I should.

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself
B. Tag seven people to do the same
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag 'whoever wants to do it'

We'll get to that item under C in a moment...

1. I don't orginize by alphabet, I orginize by cronology. Sometimes I will subdivide by genre, but sometimes I won't. Books, movies, music, anyhting that has to be physically orginized gets orginized in cronological order. My DVDs start with movies that take place in bilical times and end with Sci-Fi movies in the far flung future. I used to also devide the movies by genre, but I stopped doing that because things were getting confussed on the shelf.

2. I am amazingly suspicious of people's motives. I often find myself wondering when people are talking about justice and rights, if they'd care if it wasn't their rights being trampled and if wasn't justice for them they were seeking. I also wonder where the hook for them is, what they'll gain, and whether their not just trying to make people think they care about something so that others will think more highly of them.

3. I am regularly annoyed by how many things responsible adults aren't supposed to do because a child might discover adults doing this thing, try it out, and get hurt. While things have improved, we still only barely talk about sex and sexuality in any kind of setting where a child might hear about it, for fear that a child might find out about sex! Drugs, drinking, and othjer slightly dangerous behavior can't even be touched! Even things like blue fruit drinks were initally banned because some people feared kids would think it was okay to drink windex (which I store in the fridge right next to the fruit drinks, don't you?) and other such shit. I'm all for protecting the kids, but I think we go too far and I think really it's just people wanting to control other people and knowing they can use "Won't someone please think of the children!" as their lever.

4. Right and wrong, good and evil, left and right, these are variable ideas. I think the big struggle is between authority and freedom. You need some authority, because there is actually a limit to freedom. That limit should be the place where you start unreasonably restricting other people's freedoms, even though that's rarely where the limit is placed. The problem becomes where the word unreasonable lands for each person. Is it unreasonable to say who can and can't live. Is it unreasonable to say what you can and can't ingest into your own body? Is it unreasonable to say who can and can't marry? Is it unreasonable to say who can and can't work in some jobs? There needs to be some authority, but there needs to be a lot more freedom. Right now, people are sort of letting authority win in the hopes that they'll get their freedom protected, even though that just lets authority take it away.

5. I really think we need to move to a new place/city/state/country when our lease is up this summer. I need a change of location, really quite badly.

6. I haven't written anything of consequence since the story I posted in december, it's been bugging me. Come to that, I haven't even drawn, painted or photographed anything either. It's bugging me, as I said. Anyone who now suggests that I need to "just start writting something then" will find me standing over them in the night with a baseball bat in my hand. It's not a smart or clever thing to say, not even as a joke.

7. I can't think of a seventh fact. This is often my problem with numbered lists. Either I'll think of too many or not enough things to write down.

So now for the tagging part. I'm not going to tag persay, but I am going to say that I would be interested to see what facts tdarling, prdct, sdaisyk, zorathenne, tinchen, darkpattern, ciarrainic and ahavah would list about themselves.