October 25th, 2007

Welcome Great Pumpkin

I didn't do one of these yesterday.

All retroflix did yesterday was Garfield's Halloween Adventure, so perhaps we can forgive skipping it. However, today we have Creepshow!

The Straight Dope answers burning questions like...

What's the deal with witches and broomsticks?
And speaking of witches
Whatever happened to the accusers from the Salem witch trials?

And of course there ain't no poison in the candy! Never happened.

Competing articles!!!!

Peeps decorating kit from…


X-E also has things like The "Soil From Dracula's Castle" Amulet! and Castle Dracula of Wildwood, New Jersey

And lets round this out by providing my last bookmarked cartoon The Malloween cartoon. "They taste the same, but look different!"

In other news I have a sinus headache that just will not quit! It's woken me up three times now.
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