October 22nd, 2007


Everything is better with bots

So, while I was sick, I spent my days as follows.

I'd get up, do a few things and then sit down and cough while watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. As a result, everything I've seen that isn't MST3K seems like it should be. Almost anything could be an MST3K subject if you've been watching enough of this stuff at once... and I have. After a while even the evening news seems to need Joel or Mike and the bots helping along.

Also, I've found that there are few things I like so much as North European and Russian fantasy movies. Sadko might not have been translated very well into English and then it done over by Joel and the Bots, but it's still a neat movie. Same thing with Sampo and a bunch of the other movies they did.

I also like the Italian/Spanish sword and sandal movies, but less so.
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