June 27th, 2007



Here are the current points in the Jack Collier Decoding Contest

sdaisyk: 5 points (though I'm tempted to add a point for a guess about a Thracian Goddess of the Hunt. It's wrong, but it does show she's trying)

ciarrainic: 3 points

hollygrahm: 13 Points

sparkfrost: 4 Points

I stress again, hollygrahm is winning because she's giving me so many guesses.

In case you are wondering, the points go like this. If you get a reference right, you get a point. Some of the references are stacked three and four deep, so don't be afraid to get pedantic. For example, if I had written a bit where there was a guy with "An Angel's eyes" and he was with "A blonde" as well as "An ugly looking thug" You would get more points for saying "Angel Eyes was played by Lee Van Cleef, Blondie was played by Clint Eastwood and The Ugly guy refers to Tuco played by Eli Wallach. They were all from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly." That would be worth 4 points, one for each character and one for the movie. Saying the whole situation is from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly would only net you one point. Specifics are your friend, as is google.

If I use something in two different chapters though, and you guess it in both chapters, you only get the one point. If you guessed wrong the fist time and then change your guess, you'll get a point though. There are no deducted points for wrong answers. The only thing a wrong answer does is not get you a point.

You need to put your guesses on the chapter that the reference exists in. I won't be accepting one big comment at the end of the story with all your guesses, that wouldn't be fair. This is for two reasons, one the comments only take so many words and two I need to check the answers against the text sometimes.

At the end of the contest, when I announce the winner, I will answer and unscreen every comment so you can see what got listed as a point worthy answer and what didn't. I will also publish a master list at the end of the contest, so you guys can see everything I was thinking of.

EDIT: I just noticed that I didn't mention when the contest will end. The cut off date for contest entries will be August 1st, 2007. Until that time, you can go to any of the dates
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Um, I was having some audio problems on my comptuer.

Updated the audio drivers, that didn't work.

Reseated the RAM chips. That didn't work

Replaced the RAM chips (I have two extra hanging arond) that didn't work

In a desperate attempt to get the audio to quit acting up I updated the video drivers.

That seems to have worked.

This makes no sense to me. I was having trouble with audio, not video.