June 22nd, 2007



June 22nd, and the little egg shaped thermometer says 64.1 f

AND YET! My neighbor's A/C is running. Very loud, non-stop, all day. There might be something wrong next door or something, I dunno. I just closed the door because I was getting cold and I want to watch me new copy of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly that I got nearly 2 weeks ago. I watched Fist Full of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More, so now I've just got to watch GBU.

And then, I'll only have like 20 movies in my back log. WOO HOO! I'm very excited. Most are Bond movies (the more hatefull Roger Moore and Peirce Brosnan ones are all I have left) a few are some Film Noir movies. I mean I've got a whole set of World War 2 discs I've barely looked at because the history channel is bad as packaging discs and of course there is that New York Documentary I couldn't finish because Ric Burns is a lousy film maker, but we don't count those.

This is what happens when you buy lots of sets and spend a lot of time reading online or trying to write. I watch maybe one movie every two days these days. I love movie watching, but having to do all the other things that need doing balanced against the DVD which will always be there... sadly the movie watching suffers.

Holly liked Drunken Master 2 though, or as it was called Legend of the Drunken Master. See, there are only two DVDs for that. The Region 1 version which is dubbed and has been rescored (but the picture is good and you can see what's going on), or the Thakral dvd which is badly transfered and the picture is muddy as all hell. Now I look at it, the badly transfered version is completely out of print too. All you can get is the Region 1 version I guess. I got the region 1 version for free somehow that I don't remember but had never watched it until last night. Anyway, once you get over the dubbing and stuff it's okay. It was also another movie off my back log.

ANYWAY... off to watch movies now.
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If all the money on my desk still had value, I would have quite a lot of cash on hand
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bitch please, Bitch please


To: Pope Urban VIII of the Roman Catholic Church
From: Fancy, Ruler of the Universe
Subject: Earth


That's right, getting all heliocentric on yo ass!

It's round too, not flat, just in case you want to debate that little point.

Just reminding you.

This message brought to you by the "The mother fucking earth moves you stupid science hating mother fuckers and don't get me started on evolution you talking monkeys" association.

Movie Talk

I guess I'm going to have to end up getting a blu-ray player when I finaly step up to HD discs. Blockbuster made some noise this week, but now Anchor Bay has said their going that direction too. Of course everyone is saying that downloads are going to be the real winner this time, but I just don't see it happening yet. Maybe in five or ten more years, but it's just not there yet. Doesn't matter anyway, not going that way for a while yet.

And once again, the jerks at Entertainment Weekly got their moms to help them with their homework. Seriously, if you're going to title an article The 25 Greatest Action Films Ever! you need to know what is and isn't an action movie. Understanding the difference between 'great' and 'made a lot of money' would be nice too, but I'm talking baby steps here. I mean, putting The Incredibles on that list? Come on! And they loose major points for not having ANY Leone movies, not even on their extended "Ooo, we'd put these on the list too" list, which has a lot of things that should have bumped The Incredibles at least.

Speaking of the current dvd for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is good. I like most the new footage, one scene could have been left off, but that's okay. The only problem is you need to open up a window in your schedual, because it's 3 hours long and most of that is Clint, Lee and Eli just standing and staring at each other. That however has been a long standing complaint.
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Things will be said!

I will update the scoring on the Decode Jack's Story thing.

I will explain why I never seem to call or e-mail anyone anymore (sorta)

but not right now.

Right now I've got to unpack groceries and then go to bed or something.