April 13th, 2007


Thinking about soda-pop

I saw an article about Soda Club (called soda stream in the rest of the world evidently) last night on Endgaget

I am interested, but unsure. Has anyone else ever used one of these things? Evidently they've been available over-seas since like... forever.

I'm curious to know if those little flavor syrup things taste any good, or would it end up tasting like grocery store stuff? Would it be more in my interests to make syrup or buy it somewhere else? I notice the web site states they don't use high fructose corn syrup, which I've come to understand is the work of the devil. Evidently the reason mankind will eventually fall is greatly to do with high fructose corn syrup. I like the way stuff made with sugar tastes better anyway,

I'm not really in it to save money, because usually with these sort of things you only save pennies a month. No, it would be because I want to fizz my own soda and mix my own drinks. The DIY aspect sounds fun.

Anyway, thoughts, comments, suggestions?
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I'm going to say this now...

Today is not going to win the award for "Best Day Evah" any time soon.

I mean we are not to "This day is so fired" levels or anything, but I don't think it's getting a raise when performance review tme comes around.
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Cooler than you

24 hours of no sleep, and now you get a post!

I woke up about 24 hours ago, now I will go to bed!

One thing before I go.

In a fight between Cthulu and Fancy (Marquess of Queensberry rules of course), the Ruler of the Universe would totally pwn* The Star Eater six rounds out of six.

That's why she rules. Zargon warships, Supernova bombs, The old ones, they ain't got nothin' against a 8 1/2 pound whilrling ball of death with a good vocabulary!

*Fancy's Fun Facts: Three things. One, the word is own and it's not a good one. I would kick his slimy ass and turn him into the biggest damn calamari platter you have ever seen. Two, doesn't the boy look silly when he tries to talk 'jive' or in this case '433t sp33k' like he knows what he's talking about? Three, the Marquess of Queensberry can go take a flying fuck in a rolling doughnut for all I care, I fight dirty.

Me and Fancy are going to bed now*

*Fancy's Fun Facts: Good night. Please excuse the boy, he's very tired and had a hard day.