April 3rd, 2007


First chance I've had to say this

I woke up this morning with a dream still bouncing around my head. I had dreamed of a bad CGI movie, lots of pretty effects that didn't translate well from the computer to the screen. I came down the stairs, my mind still trying to peice together the story of the dream, make sense of it and fit it into a narative. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, one of the old ones was sitting at the table eating some waffles he (She? It?) had made. I realized then that it was going to be a long day if I didn't just ignore this and go to the computer, so I did.
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HA HA! Tyger!

felisdemens showed me a link for Tyger on you tube today.

I saw that like a year ago or so and seemed to remember having a copy on my old computer.

So I found the Tyger site and then found the spot where I could actually download the file itself.

Click here to see the movie or just right click and tell it to "save link as" and get a copy of the movie on your hard drive.

Either way, watch the movie because it's very very cool.
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Poll answers!

I always edit out anything that isn't a question because I don't want to type "That isn't a question" over and over again. ANYWAY! Here are some quesions you asked form various polls that I never got around to answering. Now... I shall!

What is one question you wish someone would ask you in these? And how would you answer it?
Well... it depends on the asker really. Certian questions come out different from different people.

Why Timothy Dalton as Bond??!! He's the worst, I think. :(
I thought he was okay. He never really got a chance, and he was too old when they cast him sadly.

When will the great monkey uprising take place?
Tuesday June 5th, mark your calander.

Isn't it strange, that the most chauvinistic, arrogant and overall most patriarchal is considered the best, even by equalilist like me?
Well, to be fair, Moore was for more chauvinistic as Bond than Connery was. However, beyond that point, lots of people like seeing a strong male figure. That sort of thing harkens back to the cave days when a strong masculine prescens meant the clan would grow stronger with him in it.

What if I don't wanna?
You will get such a slap.

Will my little window friend the woodchuck come back?
It depends, do you have the ransom?

Do you know what it coming up in just over three weeks?
I've got a vague idea.

Whee! or Yay! ?

Wombatty goodness?
Well, it depends because hungerf9 used to go by the name of Wombat online and I suppose it depends if we're talking about him or not.

How are the cats doing?
Fine thank you. Fancy had to have eye drops all last week for her allergy (which added to our fun) but now that we've done that, everyone is happy and healthy. (more or less)

When I(eventually) get a car, should I get a Flying Spaghetti Monster to put on it, or the pirate fish?
Pirate fish is just cool. Everyone knows pirates are cool, an everyone knows fish and pirates go hand in hand. HOWEVER(!) There is something undeniably cool about being an underground internet hipster and people not on the internet don't really know about the Spaghetti Monster. If you want to just be cool, pirate fish. If you want to be cool AND give a priavte signal to the other cool people, Spaghetti Monster. Either way, you're cute so people will be looking at you no matter what.

Do Al and Fancy get along well?
Yes, they do.

What color are your underwear? Please do not be wearing tighty-whities.
I am not wearing undies at this moment.

How do you distinguish whether the occassion calls for a Yar, a Gar, or an Argh?
Yar is agressive and active. Gar is a kind of fish some like the alligator gar get huge. Argh is for when you stub your toe.
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The Wonderland Case Part 2

That's right! Two days in a row I manage to make my publishing deadline! "w00t!1" as the hip kids say. Actually, unless I totally forget I'll have the third and four days put up too, because they're already written. When I'm done with this, I've been thinking about a summer/fall adventure, but I'm not sure yet. We'll see how this story goes and then later we'll see if I want to write another one. I've got an idea for December, but that will have to wait until December.

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The problem with getting lots and lots of songs from friends, is that sometimes you just have to dump them into the pool and wait for them to come up on random. And then, sadly, you discover what CRAP your friends have been hiding in their collections. the current song is an example. I do not blame the person who gave me this song, it's from a big 80's collection, so they might not even know they've got this crap bomb in their system. I warn the rest of you now. If you have this song, it's like nerve gas in the form of music.


4th wall comes down for a moment.
You're hero looks at the reference he just made.

I have GOT to get me some more current cultural referances, no wonder no one ever knows what the hell Im talking about.
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Um... Okay... Here's the thing...

I'm not sure how exactly to put this, but...

See... I just watched the trailer for Live Free or Die Hard.

And you know, I sort of thought it looked like fun.

I KNOW! I know I said that Bruce was getting a little long in the tooth for this shit, and I know that it is an adveretisement and thus it's only job is to part me from my money, but I don't want to hurt anyone involved in the making of this movie (except the "I'm a Mac" guy, but I've wanted to punch him in the face for a while)

Good lord, there is a piece of popular enteritainment comming out and I don't feel like spitting on it. This can only mean one of two things.

1) The action junkie is still alive and well inside me, and it's jonesing for big screen shit blowing up.
2) I'm suffering a stroke and my brain can no longer function properly.

Either way, I might actually go see this movie.
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