December 21st, 2006



We're getting closer to the end of The Cinnamon Bear, here is the episode for December 21st, 1937! Just a few more days and we'll see if Judy and Jimmy can discover who killed Christmas and if Jack can find that silly Silver Star with Church and The Crazy Quilt Dragon's help.

Shortest day

Today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, and by contrast the longest night.

That makes this Hogswatch Night!

So leave out a pork pie and some turnips tonight kids! Maybe you could pass the time by reading, listening to, or watching* The Hogfater.

*If you live in the UK, get Sky TV and it's actually been broadcast by now.


You know what? I think Jor-El has got to be the grand prize winner for the all time number one "I told you so" in the history of literature. I can't think of anyone who deserves that award more.

Jor-El: Dudes, the planet is doomed.

Kryptonian Council: Psht! As if!

Jor-El: No man, I've totally got proof look.

Kryptonian Council: Psht! You and your science! This is just like the time you tried to convince us all that we're descended from monkeys.

Jor-El: I was right then too dickweed.

Kryptonian Council: Psht! Whateva!

Jor-El: Did you just spell whatever without an R?

Kryptonian Council: Psht! Talk to the hand cause the face don't wanna listen.

Jor-El: ... Um, yeah. Well I'm going to put my infant son into either a rocket or a missle or a shuttle or possibly some kind of fucked up looking Christmas ornament thingy. You know, it all dependes on what movie/cartoon/comic/tv show or whatever you might be viewing at the moment.

Kryptonian Council: Psht! Yeah, whatava!

Jor-El: You assholes sound like some one constantly opeing a can of pop, you know that?

The Jor-El shoots baby Kal-El into space and not 5 minutes later the planet falls down goes boom. Jor-El's last words are said to be "I did say"