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I found an interesting little factoid in an article about the need for troops in uniform to stay out of politics. Of course there has long since been a law forbiding active military personel from engageing in partisan politics while in uniform because of the whole representing the military as a whole thing. That wasn't what interested me, what interested me was this line right here...
The war in Iraq already has exceeded the length of World War II and is the longest conflict the United States has fought with an all- volunteer military since the Revolutionary War.
That's an interesting fact, that we still don't have a draft and this war has gone on this long.


Someone thought of an interesting idea. Oilpunk sci-fi. The idea being that like Steam Punk, this would be about all the possibilities of the mid to late 20th century. Not in a Mad Max sort of way, but looking at a time when oil was ultra-plentiful. Something sort of like these designs here. Someone in the comments suggested calling it PetrolPunk, which I like better. Of course, it would still be like steampunk i.e. not punk in any significant way, but it's still an interesting idea.


And Sex, because sex is just interesting.


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May. 29th, 2008 06:42 pm (UTC)
If we had a draft, I suspect this war would have been over very quickly. It's the lack of draft that is helping to prolong it. That, and while the effects are being felt, they aren't being felt enough to get people to actually decide that this drain on their budget isn't worth continuing.
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