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For Your Toys Only (Episode 14)

Episode Fourteen
The Cinnamon Bear
Directed By Brian DePalma

It took longer to get into South Boston than Jack had expected, but that was mostly due to the fact that streets in Boston always seemed to change direction without his noticing it. He did finally get to the Silver Star though, and found the man that the southies knew as Paddy O’Cinnamon standing outside the doors waiting for him. He had short red hair, and a goatee of the same color. It was amazing how much it actually did look like his hair was cinnamon. Jack almost thought that if he cut part of his beard off they might be able to sprinkle it onto of a frocamocafrapafapfapwankachino. He always resisted the urge to lick Paddy’s face though, as the color of the hair was the only delicious looking thing about him.

“Hello me boy-o.” Paddy said in as thick an accent as he could manage, but one look from Jack was enough to stop him. “Sorry Jack.”

“You get my list together?” Jack asked him.

“You’re really going to war this time aren’t you?” Paddy asked looking at the list.

“But did you get it?”

“Sure did, but I’m wondering why you think you need half this stuff.”

“You were never a boy scout, were you Paddy?”

“Were you?” Paddy asked.

“No, but I was paranoid.”

“Well I fought with Gerry Adams.”

“You were never anywhere near IRA fighting.” Jack admonished.

“Nah.” Paddy shook his head. “Gerry Adams you lives down the street from here. Still, do you really need semtex?”

“Probably more than most those things.” Jack said. “I’m more surprised to learn you have all those things. I mean there are a lot of nasty things in there.”

“Haven’t you heard? I’m a criminal mastermind.”

“You are very much a local issue, not a national one.” Jack reminded him. “As a result, I don’t much care if you’ve been shagging the governor.”

“Well, Mary would certainly care.” Paddy frowned at the thought.

“Yeah, but I don’t.” Jack reminded him.

“Alright.” Paddy nodded. “Is there anything else you’re going to be needing besides this stuff?”

“You don’t do any business with Redwater do you?”

“Those fuckers?” Paddy actually spat on the ground. “Spending time pretending to be soliders, gunning down people by the dozen for no reason, giving our boys a bad name? Fuck them.”

“Good, I was hoping you’d feel that way.” Jack nodded. “Now, how many guys could you get together if I wanted to engage your fighting services?”

“What sort of fight?”

“You happy about Santa getting’ snatched?”

“Of course not.”

“I think Red Water had something to do with it and I think if you guys can start a fight with them I can find him.”

“You want us to help you pick a fight with Red Water Security?” Paddy looked genuinely shocked. “The people who gun down children and unarmed people in the streets?”

“Look at it this way.” Jack said waving a hand. “You won’t be unarmed women and children, that’ll throw them off. I mean, unless you’re chicken shit or something.”

“Chicken shit?” Paddy asked.

“Yeah,” Jack nodded. “I know how it is with you guys. Talk big, run away screaming when the fighting starts. Only a shame your mother isn’t here for you to hide under her skirt.”

That did it, and Jack could tell. Paddy sucked in his stomach, stood up strait and adjusted his belt line. He was either going to swing, which would be a massive mistake as they both knew who would win that fight, or he was going to agree. Paddy nodded at Jack and turned towards the door of the pub he owned. Jack followed him in and Paddy signaled to some of his boys.

“Call everyone, and I mean everyone. Get the fuckin’ word out, we’re going to war with Red Water Security. We’re gonna kill ‘em where they live. Anyone who wants to stay home and be a cunt will have to deal with me when I get back.” He then turned to Jack, “Anything else you want to add?”

“They’ve got Santa.” Jack added. “Not at their main facility, but you can be sure they’ve got him. Tell everyone that too.”

“Get moving.” Paddy told them and everyone scattered to get guns and their people. “You think that’ll help?”

“Name me someone who doesn’t like Santa?”

“I can think of a few.”

“Name me one in your line of work.” Jack said watching as the gangsters scattered.

“One guy, that’s all, one guy.”

“Exactly.” He nodded. “We’re going to get help from people who would stab you in the back on any other day.”

“Is there anything else you need?”

“Can you get a helicopter?”

“No.” Paddy shook his head.

“Okay.” Jack nodded. “I know where we can get one. It just requires some delicacy is all.”

“You going to get it then?”

“Yeah.” Jack nodded. “You get everyone together and we’ll go start this war.”

Jack walked outside, and looked at the car. He then took his emergency kit out of it and stripped it of the plates he’d put on it, replacing it with the ones it had come with. He pulled out his cellphone and wondered how much fate he was tempting by the call he was considering placing. One call wasn’t going to put him on the grid, but surely someone had connected this old number to him by now. He decided to risk it though, and made the call. It took a while to connect to the phone in France.

“Hallo?” The voice had a strong accent, but it was much younger than the one he had been expecting.

“Is that Jenicia?” He asked. “This is Jack. Collier.”

“Hi Jack.” The young girl’s voice changed to a Midwest accent and he was glad to hear she remembered it. “What’s going on?”

“I’m being really busy this week.” He said with patience and calm determination. “How are you?”

“I heard someone kidnapped Santa.” Jenicia sounded excited. “The news here says they were Nazis.”

“They don’t much about it here I’m afraid.” He said.

“They haven’t shown the video over there?” She asked.

“No, there’s video?”

“One of the elves got some video, they’ve been playing it for two days here.”

“Can you e-mail me a copy or the website where I can see it?” He asked.

“Sure Jack.”

“Thanks, do that now. I need to talk to your mother for a second anyway.”

“Okay.” She put the phone down and he heard it picked up a moment later.

“Jack?” Liberty’s voice was something like heaven in his ear.

“Liberty.” He tried to smile and sound like he wasn’t as near panic as he suddenly felt. “I need a huge favor.”

“Of course Jack.” Her accent had grown stronger from living in Paris. “You know I would do anything for you.”

“Thanks.” He said.


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