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For Your Toys Only (Episode 10)

Episode Ten
Re-Teaching Lesson 101
Directed by Doug Liman

Alice Liddell watched as Jack Collier walked into the infamous interrogation Room 101 with his right hand raised and ready. She watched as he hand snapped down and there was the sound of the Walther PPK firing. She stepped in behind him, her own gun in her hand and watched his arm sweep and fire a second time. She saw Jack’s left hand raise up with the Berretta in it and watched him shoot Agent Bauer in the navel. She hadn’t seen him actually draw the small pistol and wondered when he’d grabbed it. Bauer shouted, fell back and Collier shot him again in the guts again. When he saw that Liddell was in the room he hooked the door with his foot and swung it shut.

Alice’s eyes landed first on the dead body that had been laid out on the floor. Then to the bodies of the two dead technicians that Collier had given one round in the head each. There was a man strapped down in a wooden chair, electrodes attached to him in many places. She knew the face from the sheet she herself had assembled, it was Michel Ricco. The dead man on the floor, with burn marks on his head and chest, was his brother Franz.

“I told you bitch.” Collier said to Bauer as he yanked his modern side arm away from him and tossed it on the table with the equipment for delivering electric shocks. “We don’t torture in this country. I told you if I saw you up to this shit again I would shot you in the belly. As you can see I’m a man of my words. Alice, be a dear and untie Mister Ricco, he’s had a hard day.”

“Mother fucker.” Bauer managed.

“You be quiet now, or I’ll get you in the stomach and then you’ll get all that lovely acid everywhere. You’ll digest yourself if I do that.” He spun around and walked towards the table and slipped the Berretta away again. “Michel Ricco? My name is Jack Collier and I would like us to be friends.”

“When did you get that gun?” Liddell asked.

“Just before I opened the door.” Collier said. “You were watching my right hand while my left hand was working.”

“They killed Franz.” The man began to cry quietly. “I told them he didn’t know anything, but they kept hitting him anyway.”

“Are we friends Michel?” Collier asked. “I’ve looked past the fact that you tried to have me killed in Paris and I’ve come to save you. Have I not avenged your brother’s death and given the man who ordered it something really painful to worry about?”

“We are friends.” Ricco agreed.

“Good.” Collier nodded. “Let’s got then, we need to talk and you need to tell me the truth because we’re such good pals.”

The door was kicked open and it smacked into Bauer who screamed about the pain. Collier heard the little sounds of a rifle being raised and aimed at the back of his head. There was only one pair of boots that he heard though and that was a little odd. He didn’t turn around, just looked at Ricco and Liddell.

“Put the weapon down on the deck!” the voice shouted. “Now sir!”

“Is that Marine talk?” He asked looking at Liddell.

“It’s a Marine, yeah.” She nodded.

“Just one?” He sounded disappointed.

“Put the weapon on the deck sir.” The young voice said again.

“This one?” Collier still didn’t turn, but held his hand up to show the Walther. “Oh you wouldn’t like that.”

“Sir.” The marine sounded as if they were at the very edge of his patience. “Put down the weapon.”

“If I drop this gun, you’re not going to like the result.”

“Sir.” The young man’s voice growled. “I will not tell you again.”

“Okay.” Collier snapped his wrist to toss the gun into the corner Liddell watching only Jack this time, making sure to catch his every move.

As the weapon flew through the air, his hand snapped back and took hold of the barrel of the gun the young man was holding. He yanked it forward, turned it and then smacked it back again, whacking the marine in the face. He then pivoted on his right foot and brought his left foot in a wide sweeping kick that landed in the marine’s side. He then lunged forward, and caught the young man with his elbow while his left hand caught the rifle and yanked it away. He swept the gun over his head and with a thwack sort of sound connected it with the side of the young man’s head. In less than two seconds, the entire situation was over.

“Get my gun Ricco.” Collier pointed to the Walther in the corner as he picked up Bauer’s gun from the table.

“You’re going to trust him with you’re gun?” Liddell asked.

“No.” Jack said taking the offered Walther from Ricco and handing him Bauer’s Sig Sauer. “I’m giving him Bauer’s gun.”

He holstered the Walther and walked toward Bauer who was holding the two small but painful wounds in his side. He pulled the Beretta out again and held it loosely in his hand. He crouched down to be a little closer to Bauer’s level.

“I told you before, we don’t torture in this country. Next time I see you, you fucking spree killer, I’ll just put you out of the running.” He put the gun against Bauer’s right hand and fired a single round through his hand. “You’re gun hand privileges are revoked.”

“I thought you said we don’t torture.” Liddell asked.

“We don’t.” Collier said standing up, “But we do deliver object lessons and appropriate punishment for those who deviate from the very basics of humanity.”

“So then, what now?”

“Now we go to the Agency and talk to my new friend Michel like human beings.” He took the gun from Ricco and slid it behind his back. “Guns away and we’ll just walk right out of here.”

While they drove to The Agency’s headquarters, Ricco explained how Bauer and his technicians tortured his brother Fritz with electric shocks until he died. Ricco told them that they never even asked any questions, just laughed as Bauer told them over and over to hit him again and again with the jolts. They hadn’t been interested in what Fritz knew just that he die in that chair.

“So why the shooter in Paris then?” Collier asked him.

“It was merely a business courtesy I assure you.” Ricco said, but Collier had to remind himself that he had just saved the man’s life. “I was doing Redwater a favor, nothing more.”

“Would that be Redwater security? The military contractors?”

“That’s right.” Ricco said. “They do a lot of transporting for us, since they’re shipments aren’t checked we can get things through with them.”

“They do that for other groups?” Collier asked.

“Sure, everyone they do business with. It’s very lucrative, which is why I was more than happy to hire someone to kill an American Agent for them.”

“They mention names?” Collier asked.

“Yes, it was your name they gave me.”

“Which explains why Brisbane wasn’t shot at.” Collier growled. “What about Pujol?”

“He wasn’t mentioned. I was just supposed to have a shooter in that window ready to kill you.”

“I see.” Collier nodded and then looked at Liddell. “Just paranoid, huh? Twice in as many months people have been hired through third parties to shoot me.”

“We’d better drop him off and get right into K’s office and get Redwater suspended.” She said.

“Let me think about that a moment.” Jack said. “Either way we’d better get him under lock and key and then talk to K.”

They dropped Ricco with the Agency’s security people, telling them to keep him under lock and key and went to K’s office. K was looking at the computer terminal, scowling at something and then grimacing. He then brightened slightly and looked at Liddell and Collier as they entered.

“I’ve never seen a faster take down of a room Collier.” K pointed at the screen and smiled. “You should be commended, but they’re going to call for your head.”

“Well you could commend me before they get to calling for my head.” Collier said sitting in one the chairs across from K’s desk. “Are you going to give them my head?”

“I don’t think so.” K said shaking his own head. “But I think Mikelson is going to complain quite a lot about your shooting his agent. After all, he sent me the video file of what you did for me to view. Except he sent the entire thing so I had to watch them killing Ricco’s brother as well.”

“Bauer’s a spree killer and a sociopath.” Collier complained. “He’s just in it so he can murder people without anyone complaining too much. Besides, he’s a lazy douche.”


“Only works 24 hours once a year and most of that is getting his rocks off by torturing people?” Jack made a dismissive sound with his mouth. “Call me when the bitch has to work three days without sleep and still manages to save the day. You’ve got to shoot the right people for that shit too, can’t just gun down anyone and claim they were a terrorist later.”

“That’s right.” K nodded. “I remember now, you don’t like Bauer.”

“I’d call him a cunt rag, but that would insult cunts sir.”

“I see.” K said and pulled his glasses off to rub at one of his eyes.

“I have a plan if you’d like to hear it sir.” Collier said.

“I would.” K nodded.

“I have information that states Santa’s sleigh would have the tracking equipment to find him. The sleigh wasn’t part of the destruction when the North Pole instillation was destroyed. I would suggest the sleigh was taken away, and that it’s in something that Redwater is transporting, it would have to be a big box to take it so I shouldn’t be too hard to locate. I’ll just go to Washington, look up their lists of manifests and find out what they’re sending where.”

“Good idea.” K nodded vigorously. “When will you go?”

“I can wait until morning.” Collier looked at his watch. “I’ll bunk out here in one of the guest rooms and get some sleep first.”

“Alright then.” K stood up. “Let’s get this working then. We’re running out of time.”
“I’ve got all the time in the world sir.” Collier said standing. “There is always another second.”


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