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Future Raptors

Has anyone seen Futureworld? That's the sequel to Westworld, which was remade 20 years later but the used dinosaurs instead of robots and called it Jurassic Park.

NOW! The plot of Futureworld (OMG! SPOILERS! Trust me, you'll thank me for sparing you from watch this movie) is that the people in charge of Delos decide to take over the world by replacing world leaders with robot clones. This gets me thinking though, what if Jurassic Park had such a sequel?

Just think of it. Raptors replacing world leaders.

"Mister President, what do you think of the current situation?"
"RAR!" and then the Raptor President rips open Wolf Blitzer's belly and eats his guts!

That would rock! That would rock so hard.

EDIT: Syd says that if the president in question is Bush then it should be a compy, because that's a little dinosaur that can only attack when it gangs up on something. Then it gives it a bunch of little bites that slowly poison their victim until they eat it alive. Neo-compys you might say.
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