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For Your Toys Only (Episode 05)

Episode Five
The Sound of Silence
Directed by Jonathan Demme

"I may very well be surprised to find out what exactly the Agency that stuck me down in this how wants." Dr. Grunch said as he looked at Jack Collier through the double panes of Plexiglas.

"The Agency wants to know why you tried to stop Christmas from coming." Jack said. "Later they'll have other questions, but you've got to play the game at the rules you stated."

Grunch looked at him and took another step towards him. The smile grew on his face as Collier slipped the wallet back into his pocket. He raised his hands up to his face and cracked his knuckles. He flicked his hands open after cracking them and took another step.

"They put me down here because they said I was evil." He commented as if talking about the weather, which he never saw. "They threw me into this pit and cut me off from the world. I can't have newspapers, or television, or even recent books. I can have old movies, or TV shows on video if they're properly screened or books if they were printed before I was caught. I don't know when it rains, or if winter's coming. I have no idea what month it is right now."

"It's December." Collier told him.

"She's evil." Grunch said. "She wants to take over the entire calendar, take over everything. No one would believe me when I told them, so I had to do something myself. She's killed more people than I have, or Cecil Demille. Christmas is going to kill us all Mister Collier."

"She's dead." Collier told him. "Church shot her after she shot me."

"What? When?"

"It'll be two years ago now." Collier dragged the desk closer to the glass than the guards had placed it and sat down.

"Two years, and yet they've kept me locked up here?" Grunch asked. "They should know what if she were dead I wouldn't have to stay in this dungeon."

"Should they?" Collier asked.

"No." Grunch said, rubbing his chin which hadn't been shaved in a few days. The green stubble made a scrapping noise as his finger nails brushed them.

"Maybe they resent your killing all those people and the guards you killed when you made your escape." Collier suggested.

"They could just declare me fit to stand trial." Grunch told him. "I do believe my actions now would be considered a terrorist threat. They could just kill me."

"So why keep you here?" Collier asked.

"They want to make sure of something." Dr. Grunch said leaning against the glass and looking intently at Collier. "Did you ever eat Who Hash?"

"No." Collier shook his head. "They don't sell it where I grew up."

"That would be Ohio, right?" Grunch said. "You speak with an affectation that tells me you're covering up the accent that your mother gave you."

"Michigan." Collier said standing up. "And I'll give you some free advice. If you ever get out into the streets again, don't suggest to a guy from Michigan that you think he might be from Ohio. Anybody proud to be from the one would be insulted to have it suggested they might be from the other."

"But you're not proud." Grunch told him.

"No." Collier shook his head. "I'm not."

"Would you like to know who could help you a little?"

"Sure." Collier nodded.

"There is a Frenchman, an old resistance fighter in Paris. His name is Joseph Pujol, though if you're any kind of student of history you know his code name: Le Pétomane."

"Yeah." Collier nodded. "I've heard of him."

"He's the one who first told me about Christmas and her little plot to destroy the world. If anyone knows about how the movement is acting he would."

"Okay." Collier nodded and looked at his Rolex and then back at Grunch. "Thanks for your time."

"She's evil I tell you. Even if she's dead her actions are still on the move."

"Okay." Collier nodded as he walked away.

"Mister Collier!" Grunch's voice shouted.

Collier turned and started to walk back.


"You don't believe me do you?"

"Why kill the families?" Collier asked.

"You don't suppose that all those things Christmas had planned she could do on her won do you?" Grunch asked leaning against the glass again. "She had an organization behind her, helping her. It wasn't just her and the Fat Man. She had plans to kill the rest of the Holiday show people off, remove them all. You couldn't do that alone, you'd need a group. I was eliminating her employees."

"What about the children?" Collier asked.

"You should know better than most Mister Collier that the children especially were her slaves." Grunch took several steps backward. "I was freeing them from servitude. In an admittedly harsh manner, but these things must be done sometimes."

"Why did you ask about Who Hash?" Collier asked.

"Perhaps it's another hint? Perhaps I just wanted to know." Dr. Grunch then lay down on hi cot. "I'm bored now. You'll get no more from me today."

Collier looked at him on the cot for a moment and then turned and walked away. He decided that he probably would have to go to Paris and see Le Pétomane.


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