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For Your Toys Only (Episode 02)

Episode Two
The Credit Sequence (song: For Your Toys Only)
Directed by Maurice Binder

Authors Note: It would be helpful if while you read this poem you thought about naked girls in silhouette running around with guns. The poem should be accompanied with music and a whole naked girl/gun motif, but there is only so much we can do here.

CECIL J. CELERY'S Ion Productions Presents DAVID KARL as BRETT N. LASHUAY'S JACK COLLIER: 7 with 1, in A Bony/Liberty Pictures Release of an OMG film by Quadstar Productions in association with CECIL J. CELERY'S Ion Productions…

For Your Toys Only* (sung to the tune of "For Your Eyes Only" by Sheena Easton)

For your toys only, the book referred to guns
For your toys only, here it's a different kind of fun
You can tell we've sexualized the entire concept here.
I've got to repeat the title again I fear

For your toys only, nothing like the book
Only the names where used from it, the story is all new
For your toys only, was that a nipple?
I think they really showed her bits, amazing what they can pull off
Only in these... stupid movies

For your toys only, I'm linking sex and guns
I've got think of another entendre here.
Maybe it's because you guys never got past holds
Or perhaps you're only twelve years old

For your toys only, we've changed everything
He doesn't even act the same, this new guy is no good
For your toys only, his hair is too light
He barely shoots anyone, I think we're really in a rut
And he's too tall, he's not my Jack.

* Score Album on Bony Classical CD or illegal download, single on jTunes, and Badtune/Outofscope records which is a dumb name since no ones sold a record since 1989. All rights reserved and if you even hear this song when someone plays it in their car you'll mail us five bucks if you know what's good for you.


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