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Explanation of cryptic post.

Yesterday I said… I'm always a little amazed that when we eat coney dogs, no one ever suggests we're eating a hot dog made from rabbits. Which is mostly from a conversation we’d had earlier that day. Holly always says that I should try and remember to right down the more interesting conversations because she thinks everyone should enjoy the benefits of known me like she does. I try, but as we know some days I just don't feel like typing it after saying it, or I don't feel talkative after that, but I try.

Now for the explanation.

When the Irish settled in New York, there was an island covered with rabbits. The word the Irish used for rabbits was coney, so the island became known as Coney Island.

The place became an amusement destination with a board walk and rides and everything. Someone got the idea of putting chili, cheese and onions on a hot dog one day. These sold well and several imitators came up and suddenly that was known as the Coney Island Hot Dog. After a few years the idea spread out, the name got shortened and it became the Coney Dog.

Incidentally, this is also how buffalo wings got started. A bar in Buffalo New York served very spicy chicken wings in order to get people to buy more beer. Other bars picked up on the idea and the wings became known for the town of Buffalo. They could give the wings out almost for free because chicken wings are possibly the most useless part of a butchered bird, used only for stocks and the like.

I just like food name etymology, I find it an interesting study.


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Jul. 8th, 2007 05:06 pm (UTC)
I like etymology of any kind; I think your interest might be served by this book, which I strongly encourage you to add to your wish list; I've thoroughly enjoyed it.
Jul. 10th, 2007 03:39 am (UTC)
The odd thing about Buffalo wings is the price of them. There is a fantastic little restaurant in Phoenix called Chino Bandido Takee-Outee. Chinese/Jamaican/Mexican/whatever. My personal fav is Jade Red Chicken Black Bean Burritos, along with their fantastic chili rellanos.

ANYWAY, when I started eating there some 15 years ago, they used to have all you can eat chicken wings on Friday night, I think they had two or three different flavors. It was just before the Buffalo wing craze started, and when the craze hit, the AYCE went away. I asked what happened and the meat suppliers jacked the prices because the demand went through the roof.
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