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There is a good reason I never call, write or talk to anyone anymore...

I would tell you why I ain't been around as much, but instead, here are links, and bad grammar, and an over use of commas, and stuff.

2-D images turn into 3-D images through the magic of motion.

I've been reading The Comics Curmudgeon for a couple of months now, and today they've hit upon the most wonderfully horrifying comics ever to grace the daily newspaper.

hollygrahm had an attack of nostaliga last week and got a copy of Bunnicula from the library. This reminded me of the ABC Weekend Special. of which the Vampire Rabbit was an episode. What I find interesting is that there are still Bunnicula books comming out, the last one was 2006.

I remember a lot more than Capt. O.G. Readmore from the show, lots of things in fact.

By the way, for the people who are interested in these sorts of things, I'd love to get one of these.

Okay, I'll try to post something real later.

I just wanted you all to know I was indeed still alive and hadn't replaced myself with some kind of program that would update the pre-written story for me everyday. Not that I've ruled that out mind you, I just haven't done it yet.
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