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Invitation to a contest

You know what would be fun? An orgy!

What? It would be!

Okay, what I was thinking is it would be fun to hold a contest. I was thinking that since tomorrow Liberty’s Child, the new Jack Collier story begins we could have a contest about it.

See I have this problem, and it’s quite serious. I put little references into my writing a lot, as some of you may have noticed. Well, there are a lot of them in this story. Not as many as there could have been and I did try to reign in my normal predilection for obscurity of subject (so there won’t be references to some silent era movie you’ve never even heard of much less seen) and for my love of not enough hint (so you shouldn’t have to have a book open to the exact page the thing I’m talking about is on) so that people can decode the stuff. And then I got my hands on some prizes of limited resale value.

To that end I would like to announce the Jack Collier Decoding Contest!

The rules are dead simple
1. See how many references you can spot in each installment of Liberty’s Child.
2. Drop me a comment with all your guesses.
3. Whoever gets the most right at the end of the story wins a prize of limited resale value!

I suppose I should mention things in here like once a reference has been spotted it can’t be spotted again (or at least you won’t get points for it a second time) and that I am the final judge in all matters. I’ll be screening comments so no one can steal your answers and claim them as their own. Google is perfectly legal, but frankly I’m not thinking it’s going to do you a whole hell of a lot of good. I might be wrong and Google might be the ultimate key to decode my clever ruse, but I doubt it.

In case of a tie, the winner will be decided by a Texas cage match to the death!

Or some tie breaker quiz or something, I don’t know.
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