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That final part (10b) concludes The Wonderland Case: A Jack Collier Story.

It was supposed to be a lot shorter than it turned out to be, I’d planned for five installments and got ten. I think it was Jack trying to keep Peter alive that stretched it out, unsuccessfully as it turns out.

This was going to be a story about the Easter Bunny when I started, with Flopsy rabbit as that part and smuggling drugs. The problem is I’ve never really read Beatrix Potter’s books, or at least they never really stuck with me if I did. Instead I started thinking about something else I could do and came upon The Wonderland Murders while looking into something else entirely. I thought that the idea of Peter Rabbit (such a scamp) growing up into a John Holmes like porn star was amusing, so I went with it. Since I had decided on using the idea of the Wonderland killings anyway, I decided to just go with the whole Wonderland theme and have the Jabberwocky be the guy robbing them and so forth.

I deviated quite a bit from both inspirations, but I decided to let the story go where it wanted to take. Sadly that’s what got us into 11 installments, but what the heck it was fun right?

Maybe not, who knows?

I think Jack will come back, I think he’ll have another adventure when he gets back from Peru. We'll have to see what happens though, maybe he won't want to come back and will look for religious artifacts instead.
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