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It seems LJ is broxzors* again. If you're getting blank comments, this is why. I read yesterday that there is another big push amongst the "Mommy never hugged me and now I'm going to strike out" style of script kiddies who are launching lots of DOS attacks all over the net. We had a lot of slow down here on our internet because of it, lots of disconnecting and timeouts, some of which is still going on.

Just be aware, I'm sure they'll have it fixed in a couple of hours. Heck if I actually read any of the LJ pages that tell us about these things, I might even be able to tell you what's really going on, but I don't so I guess.

*Fancy's Fun Facts: He means broken, but is trying to sound "hip" and "with it" even though he is "old" and "so out of touch that he has to look out lest he bump into one of the monoliths placed beyond the solar system"
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