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You know what? I think Jor-El has got to be the grand prize winner for the all time number one "I told you so" in the history of literature. I can't think of anyone who deserves that award more.

Jor-El: Dudes, the planet is doomed.

Kryptonian Council: Psht! As if!

Jor-El: No man, I've totally got proof look.

Kryptonian Council: Psht! You and your science! This is just like the time you tried to convince us all that we're descended from monkeys.

Jor-El: I was right then too dickweed.

Kryptonian Council: Psht! Whateva!

Jor-El: Did you just spell whatever without an R?

Kryptonian Council: Psht! Talk to the hand cause the face don't wanna listen.

Jor-El: ... Um, yeah. Well I'm going to put my infant son into either a rocket or a missle or a shuttle or possibly some kind of fucked up looking Christmas ornament thingy. You know, it all dependes on what movie/cartoon/comic/tv show or whatever you might be viewing at the moment.

Kryptonian Council: Psht! Yeah, whatava!

Jor-El: You assholes sound like some one constantly opeing a can of pop, you know that?

The Jor-El shoots baby Kal-El into space and not 5 minutes later the planet falls down goes boom. Jor-El's last words are said to be "I did say"
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